Our cleaning products are safe and powerful.
They contain no harmful chemicals and are kind to the environment.

Made in Ireland.
Kitchen cleaning with biomex k-ter clean

Biomex for Caterers

Biomex K-Ter Clean is an environmentally friendly, safe to use, highly cost-effective cleaning product. Its superior cleaning, degreasing power is highly suitable for catering and all food related industries.

Power washing with biomex ultimate clean

Biomex for Heavy Industry

Biomex Ultimate Clean is a fast-acting heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. It is environmentally friendly and can be safely used in a wide range of industry applications and will not harm any surface.

Window cleaned with biomex home clean

Biomex for your Home

Biomex Home Clean is an environmentally friendly, safe and highly cost-effective cleaning product. Its superior cleaning power is highly suitable for the household, office, hotel, bar and hospitality related industries.

What some of our customers say…

I used all your products in my friends flat yesterday as she was moving out. They worked really well. No smell, and no fumes for me when I cleaned the oven. I have poor lungs so that was a real help. The oven came up great and the scraper was really handy. The colour coded clothes helped me learn how to be more hygienic. I wore no gloves and my hands don't feel dry today.

Rebecca Patterson Maxwell Bray Cleaning Company

We are blown away with the product, the house is visibly cleaner, especially today as we did the entire house in prep for families coming in for a Christmas mass this evening. It's an amazing product.

Niamh Brennan - Clinic Nurse Manager St. Michaels House, Dublin.

I was fortunate to win a Biomex Home Clean package from Farren Bioclean. We got to work immediately and the results are amazing. I love the fact that the product is odourless, safe to use around children, pets and food and causes no environmental impact. We (the husband and I) have used it all around the home.....ovens came up like new, windows, floors, surfaces and bathrooms are sparkling! It is powerful stuff and also very cost effective as I have not purchased any other cleaning products since receiving this home pack. Indeed we still have months of usage left. I would not hesitate to recommend this fabulous product to any household. You will not be disappointed

Sinead and Noel Faulkner Co. Donegal


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